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Name:  Edouard Daniel
Date of Birth:  11/23/1980
Place of Birth:  Jersey City
Daniel Edouard, dubbed the "Haitian Sensation", is a great boxer from Haitian descent. His skills earned him a WBA Carribean Jr. Middle-Weight title, a WBA Fedcentro Middleweight championship among others. He has been featured on Showtime, HBO and ESPN2. Daniel who attended college in South Florida never hesitates to perform at his best and bring his Haitian pride him. The Haitian flag also climbs high whenever the sensation is in the ring. We salute you today Mr. "Sensation" as a famous Haitian. Visit his website for his bio/additional information.
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Posted By: eqfxzs icywu On: 12/10/2008 3:00:49 AM
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      proud to be a haitian - 1/11/2011 10:33:49 AM - Re: ykopfntqr lcumwdksr:it nice to see a great haitian boxer representing his country and i'm very happy to see that
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